? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Herman August Gustaf Eggert  

Birth:        29 Mar 1894 near Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States
Baptism:      15 Apr 1894 near Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States
Confirmation: 24 Mar 1907 near Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States
Death:        8 Sep 1977 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, United States
Burial:       10 Sep 1977 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, United States
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Johann Heinrich August Eggert (*1839 Langendorf, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1927 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)
Mother:    Wilhelmina Therese Nehring (*1865 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1933 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)

Married	Emma Marie Amalia Anna Rewinkel (*1893 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States ✝︎1991 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, United States)
	     15 Feb 1922 Seattle, King, Washington, United States
    1. Ruth Elizabeth Eggert (*near Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States ✝︎Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, United States)
    2. Richard Herman Eggert, R.Ph. (*near Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)

432 W Military Ave, Fremont NE 68025

Herman was confirmed at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church near Lyons on March 24, 1907. He attended Concordia College, Schullehrerseminar, Seward NE, 1908–1912. He registered for the draft on June 5, 1917. He entered military service June 28, 1918 and was sent to Ft. Riley, Kansas, assigned to Co. B, Casuals Ambulance Corps. He was discharged January 2, 1919. During his service he played baseball. He took over his father's farm in Burt County Nebraska, and also sold Robinson seed corn. He also played semiprofessional baseball for twenty-seven years, five with the West Point team, then twenty-two with the Oakland team. He was honored on Eggert Day in Oakland Nebraska on August 8, 1937 for his long service on the baseball team there, and received a gold watch from the Chamber of Commerce. He was treasurer for St. John's Lutheran church for nineteen years. He and his siblings sold the farm, then he moved his family to Fremont Nebraska in 1945. He worked briefly as a bartender, then found a job as a farm placement interviewer with the Nebraska Employment Commission, where he worked until the age of 70. He retired for 2 years, then worked on a farm for 5 years. He held many church offices in St. John's at Lyons and in Trinity in Fremont. He was active in the Nebraska District of the Lutheran Laymen's League and held district offices. He also served on several District and Synodical boards.

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