Eggert Family Genealogy

    Michael (Michel) I Kern

Birth:        1529 Enslingen, Württemberg, Germany
Death:        2 Mar 1603 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany
Religion:     Catholic, then Lutheran

Father:    Michael Kern (*1500 Enslingen, Württemberg, Germany)
Mother:    Margaretha Ott (*c1500 Grünhain, Zwickau, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)

Married	Magdalena Berler (*1530 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1587 ⊙)
    1. Michael II Kern (*1555 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1634 ⊙)
    2. Anna Kern (*1557 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    3. Elisabeth Kern (*1558 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    4. Endriss Kern (*1564 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1637 ⊙)
    5. Hilaria Kern (*c1564 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1649 ⊙)
    6. Magdalena Kern (*1569 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    7. Peter I Kern (*1570 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany ✝︎1634 ⊙)
    8. Maria Kern (*1571 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)
    9. Jakob Kern (*c1572 Forchtenberg, Württemberg, Germany)

Stonemason in Forchtenberg. He and Hans Kern are listed on 15 June 1564 as "zwei Meuerer von Enslingen" in the records of the construction of the gate tower and central structure of the castle in Hermersberg. (This is probably the Hans Kern who is called Krauthans von Forchtenberg, who committed theft and other crimes in 1573–1574 and was punished, and became a citizen of Forchtenberg in 1579.) In 1582 Michael is documented as a "Viertelmeister" in Forchtenberg. He lived in the Schulgasse in Forchtenberg, two houses after the Oberen Tor. He is depicted on a gravestone in Forchtenberg, now in poor condition and housed in the Kern-Haus, carved by his son Michael or more likely his grandson Michael. His epitaph on it reads “An(n)o · 1603 · de(n) 1 Martij ist / in gott Entschlaffen · der / Ersam · Michel Kern · der / alt · seines Allters · 74 · / Jar · dem gott Genad / Amen” (In the year 1603 on March 1, the honorable Michel Kern the elder died in God, aged 74 years, God’s grace to him, Amen)

His gravestone, preserved in the Kern-Haus in Forchtenberg, gives his death date as 1 Mar 1603.

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