? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Johann Friedrich Ziemke  

Birth:        17 Nov 1796 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany
Baptism:      20 Nov 1796 Bromberg, Posen, Germany
Confirmation: 22 May 1809 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany
Death:        1869 Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Jacob Zimke (*1770 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎1829 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany)
Mother:    Dorothea Zimken (*1776 Prondtke, Bromberg, Posen, Germany)

Married	Eva Rosina Buchholz (*1801 Siedlisko, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany ✝︎1887 Lustgarten, Labischin, Schubin, Posen, Germany)
	     14 Aug 1825 Rynarzewo, Schubin, Posen, Germany
    1. Heinrich Ziemke (*1826 Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎c1910)
    2. Johann Ziemke (*1833 Deutsch Kruschin, Bromberg, Posen, Germany ✝︎1899 Süderholm, Heide, Holstein, Germany)

Farm worker. He couldn't take over his father's farm because there were so many siblings, so he sold his share for 50 Prussian Taler. Then he got married and rented some farmland. Their wedding in Bromberg was on 9 Aug 1825, then the wedding in Rynarzewo was on 14 Aug 1825. In 1842, the family moved to a place where a Polish count had large land holdings; here he acquired about 7 acres of wooded land for 300 marks. His last place of residence was Lustgarten, Kreis Schubin, Posen.

Taufpaten: 1. Gottfried Prietz 2. Johann Ziemke 3. Frau Anna Christina Klatt

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