? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Dieterich Hoffmeyer  

Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Helmeke Hoffmeier (*1562)

    1. Hans Hoffmeyer (*1630 ✝︎>1689)
    2. Dietrich Hofmeyer (*1635)

Halbmeyer in Linsburg. He appears in the Verzeichnis der Unterthanen im Amt Wölpe, 16 January 1632. (Linsburg had been burned to the ground by Tilly's troops in 1625, and was resettled from other regions thereafter.) He might be the Hinrich Hoffmeyer who appears in a list of 1649.

Sources: HUSUM, STÖCKSE(Page: 31), LINSB(Page: 11)
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