? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Clauß Eggers  

Death:        between 1749 and 1769
Religion:     Lutheran

	     about Dec 1738
    1. Heinrich Joachim Eggert (*1739 Breese in der Marsch, Dannenberg, Hannover, Germany ✝︎1805 Langendorf, Hannover, Germany)
    2. Catharina Ursula Eggers (*1741 Dambeck, Dannenberg, Hannover, Germany ✝︎>1769)
    3. Sophia Dorothea Eggers (*1744 Dambeck, Dannenberg, Hannover, Germany)
    4. Ann Liese Eggers (*1747 Breese in der Marsch, Dannenberg, Hannover, Germany)

Häusling in Breese in der Marsch in 1739, in Dambeck 1741 and 1744, then in Breese again in 1747. He was mentioned in 1749/50 in Breese in der Marsch, presumably in the Amtsregister Dannenberg. His death date range is deduced from his name being replaced by his daughter's name in 1769, presumably also in the Amtsregister.

Eggert is an old given name, derived from the Old High German personal name Agihard (agi/ecka edge or sword, hart strong or firm).

Sources: DANNEV(Page: 1), BORST(Page: 58)
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