? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Peter? Geergolcke  

Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Gercke or Thomas or Matthies Jeliatke ()

    1. Hein Gerialken (*1629 ⚰︎1691 Pannecke, Trebel, Hannover, Germany)

Three Geergolcke names are listed in the 1671 Huldigungsregister des Fürstentums Dannenberg in Pannecke: Peter Geergolcke, Christof Geergolcke, and Hans Geergolcke. As Chrff. Gierialke married Anna Siebenbrod on 19 Sep 1661 and Hans Gierialke married Ursula Dor. Wentorp (Wwe. julius Wilh. Schlüsselburg/Dünsche) on 21 Sep 1683, both in Trebel, they were probably not the father of Hein Gerialken.

Sources: HFDAN(Page: 171), SCHUB2(Page: 120, ID: Trebel.83; Page: 122, ID: Trebel.145)
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