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[M]     Hanß Motz

Birth:        about 1580 of Rödlitz, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany
Death:        before 1637 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Lucas Motz (*c1550 of Rödlitz, Lichtenstein, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎c1606 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany)
Mother:    ____ (*c1554 of Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎<1602)

Married	____ (*c1586 of Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany)
	     about 1607 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany
    1. Susanna Motz (*1607/1612 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎>1636)
    2. Hans Motz der Niedere (*c1610 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany ✝︎<1671 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany)
    3. Magdalena Motz (*1612/1620 Zschocken, Sachsen, Germany)

Or Mothes. He took over the property Nr. 6 Grünhainer Anteil in Zschocken from his stepmother on 20 Feb 1607. He also bought from the widow of Andreas Pertels for 810 florins on 26 Jan 1635 the property Zschocken Nr. 41, which he transferred to his son Hanß on 6 Sep 1635.

Sources: AFN(ID: 1TDM-0XD), GENEANET(Items: kfritzsch), ZSCHOCKEN(Page: 37, ID: 331)
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