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    August Friedrich Nehring  

Birth:        4 Dec 1833 Neu-Laskowitz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
Baptism:      15 Dec 1833 Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
Death:        10 Dec 1903 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States
Burial:       13 Dec 1903 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States
Religion:     Lutheran

Father:    Martin Nehring (*1799 Bukowiec, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1877 Wilhelmsmark, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)
Mother:    Catharine Teschke (*1806 ✝︎1859 Neu-Laskowitz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)

Married	Auguste (Justine) Krüger (*1835 Butzig, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1932 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)
	     11 Apr 1858 Osche, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany
    1. Ernest Julian Nehring (*1862 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎>1903)
    2. Hermann Otto Nehring (*1864 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1872 Jeszewo, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)
    3. Wilhelmina Therese Nehring (*1865 Jaszcz, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1933 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska, United States)
    4. Augusta Nehring (*1867 Germany ✝︎1935 Winside, Wayne, Nebraska, United States)
    5. Bertha Amalia Nehring (*1870 Jeszewo, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)
    6. Auguste Nehring (*c1871 ✝︎1871 Jeszewo, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany)
    7. Anna Emilie Nehring (*1873 Jeszewo, Schwetz, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1901 Richardson, Nebraska, United States)
    8. Hermann Nehring (*c1878 Germany ✝︎>1903 near Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States)

Private forester in Neu-Laskowitz (Nowe Laskowice), Jaszcz (Jaszcz), and Jeszewo (Jeżewo), Kreis Schwetz (Świecie). He came to the US with wife and five children aboard the S.S. Australia, departing 8 June 1881 from Hamburg and arriving 27 June 1881 in New York. They traveled in the company of Herman, Ottilie (his wife), Otto (their infant son), and Hans Krüger (brother of Herman). Their last place of residence is listed as Borce (Borzec or Borce), Preußen. They arrived at Pilger, Nebraska on 3 July (LYONSMS) or 31 July (WHIS, WCEM) 1881. They stopped briefly at Pilger, then farmed near Winside starting in the fall of 1881, living initially in a sod house. The farm was on the NE 1/4 of Section 18, township 25 (Hancock), range 2, Wayne County, Nebraska, or 2 miles south and 3 miles west of Winside. (This land is now in the Vahle and Jaeger families in 1998.) On 12 November 1889 he obtained a homestead of 160 acres in the northeast quarter of section 18 northwest of Hoskins. He was a charter member of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Winside Nebraska (organized 1890, edifice built 1891). He never learned English. In 1896 he bought from Carl Kipke and sold to Lena Kipke the north 1/2 of section 28 and east 1/2 of section 34, township 25 (Hancock), range 2. In 1900 he had a hired hand boarding on the farm, Charles Nurnberg. He retired to his home at 408 Miner Street, Winside before his death of heart failure. His body was found in a shed.

Taufpaten: Eigenth. David Papke, Jungg. Johann Goede, Jgfr. Carol. Nehring aus Bresin

EE.5 gives August and Augusta Nehring's immigration to the US as 1860. NENORFOLKOBITS gives his date of death as 12/17/1903.

The Australia passenger ship list gives the family relationships backwards for Hans Kruger and Herman Krueger.

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