? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Paul Szwank  

Baptism:      10 Jan 1705 Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany

Married	Anna Hagenau (*1717 Bukowitz, Strasburg, Westpreußen, Germany)
	     2 May 1736 Lemberg, Strasburg, Westpreußen, Germany
    1. Jakob Schwanke (*1745 Gollembiewo, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)
    2. Katharina Schwanke (~1748 Gollembiewo, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany ✝︎1817 Masanken, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)
    3. Christina Schwanke (*1757 Gollembiewo, Rehden, Westpreußen, Germany)

He was probably one of about nine signers of a 28-point agreement of 7 May 1751 regulating the village of Gollembiewo, Kreis Rehden. This agreement dictated the selection of a governing council, keeping chimneys clean, fences repaired, ditches and streams clear, no name-calling, no magic or adultery, keeping livestock in check, handling complaints, fights, theft, tapping communal beer kegs, table manners, rebuilding after a fire, retaining stolen goods, taking in renters, and selling their portions of the community. Most of the penalties were in the form of money, wax for the church, and beer for the community. The penalty for false accusation of magic or adultery included sitting under a table and hitting oneself in the mouth with a shoe.

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