? Eggert Family Genealogy 

    Johannes Zimmermann  

Baptism:      5 Feb 1610 Maikammer, Pfalz, Germany
Religion:     Catholic

Father:    Johannes Zimmerman ()
Mother:    Anna ()

Married	Anna Barbara ()
	     before 1639
    1. Catharina Ursula Zimmermann (*1639 Kirrweiler, Pfalz, Germany)
    2. Maria Apolonia Zimmermann (*1647 Kirrweiler, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1715 Geinsheim, Pfalz, Germany)
    3. Anna Barbara Zimmermann (*1650 Kirrweiler, Pfalz, Germany)

Or Hanß. Mentioned in the Kirrweiler church records in 1639. Either this Johann or his father had children in Rhodt with property in Edesheim in 1651.

Taufpate: Johannes Rötterschein ex Mayncammer

Sources: MAIK(~1610#6), KIRRW(~1639-1650 (three daughters)), KIN46(ID: 1542), KIRRWG(Page: 216), FSGT(Batch: J99705-1, Origin: Germany-ODM, Film: 247636, 247637)
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