Eggert Family Genealogy

    Johann Georg Träber

Birth:        about 1643 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany
Death:        10 Feb 1713 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany, age listed as c70y
Religion:     Catholic

Married(1) Anna Margaretha (⚰︎1695 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)
    1. Johann Stefan Träber (*c1674 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1749 ⊙)
    2. Margaretha Träber (~1686 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1759 ⊙)
    3. Anna Maria Elisabetha Träber (~1689 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany ⚰︎1693 ⊙)
    4. Georg Henrich Träber (~1692 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany ⚰︎1692 ⊙)

Married(2) Anna Barbara (*c1645 Knittelsheim, Pfalz, Germany ✝︎1711 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany)
	     7 Feb 1696 Bellheim, Pfalz, Germany

Georg couldn't write. His mark can be found on his daughter Maria Elisabetha’s death record in 1693, his wife’s death record in 1695, and his son Stephan's marriage entry in 1698, all in the Bellheim church records. Georg is mentioned in the burial record of a Swiss person named Peter, buried 15 Sep 1719 in Bellheim, as that person had apparently been a servant for Georg for 18 years.

Testibus(2): D. Joes Henricy Leingang praetor Belheimensis et D. Henricy Hörner Anwaldus in Belheimb.

BELLHOFB gives his birth as about 1663 in Reilingen, apparently derived from the death record of his Swiss servant in 1719 combined with a word from the previous death record. It also gives his servant’s death date as his own and lists an additional son Peter Träber with the same death date. It also gives his occupation as “Anwalt”, likely a misreading of “annorum” in the same death record.

Sources: BELLH(⚭1696#91), BELLH(✝︎1713/Feb10), BELLH(✝︎1719/Sep15 (servant)), KERNB1, BELLHOFB(Familien-Nummer: Z0075541)
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