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Jim EggertJim Eggert This website presents the families of the ancestors of my children. Most of them are German, German-American, Syrian, and Syrian-American. This list contains about one 18th of my entire genealogical database. If you would like to see more, or if you use any of this data, or especially if you find errors or have additions, please click here to send email.

For more information about German genealogy in general, try the German genealogy website.

Look at my ancestry in the following formats:

Examine my RootsWeb Surname List (RSL) entries and my RootsWeb WorldConnect database.

These are the surnames in this ancestry to the fourth generation:
Affief, Bredthauer, Eggert, Foth, Hackel, Husni, Huswani, Kindler, Nehring, Nershi, Rewinkel, Schall, Schreiner, Spannuth, Ullmer, and Ziemke.

You can also find surnames alphabetically by their first letter:
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There are 2078 ancestors in this website, of 36559 individuals in my database, last updated 18 Oct 2017.
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